collaborative work- jon & kimberly stemler > alpha & omega

the windows are a representation of creation – an abstract portrayal of all things terrestrial, a shattering, an explosion of life and color, chaotic yet beautiful. towards the forefront each organic shape changes, becoming more linear, focused, layered and ultimately refined in the cross.
though individually each window is different in composition and shape, together they represent the same scene: constellations, fields, trees, sky, thistles on a spring day, and a river flowing throughout leading us to the cross. it’s a contemporary feel to stained glass with large spaces between each piece allowing the sky in, not locking us into a building but connecting beyond.
the intent of this installation is to embody not only the holiness of his death on the cross and the life which that brings us, but also the delight and joy of god’s creation.

photography by jeff reeder